About us

Firma Produkcyjno Handlowa Export - Import Stanisław Najder is a company with only Polish capital, which is acting in food industry. It belongs to Polish Association of Natural Casings Producers and Distributors. Its basic assortment is imported natural sausage casings in a very wide caliber range.

The company was established in 1990. At the beginning its activity was concentrated mainly on the domestic market. Since 1994 the company has begun import from China. Gradually the range of activity has been extended and FPH Stanisław Najder spread over European market, the American one as well as the markets of Third Countries. Goods imported mainly from China and South America are sold all over the European Union. The company is also exporting to the East Europe countries.

Have been gaining experience for almost 20 years FPH Stanisław Najder became the biggest and the most thriving company in its branch.